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Lane Cove Local Planning Panel Meeting

4 September 2018, 5:00pm


Lane Cove Local Planning Panel 4 September 2018





PRESENT:                        Hon David Lloyd, QC, Chairman, Mr Kevin Hoffman, Planning Expert, Mr David Johnson, Environmental Expert and Ms Mary Rawlings, Community Representative


ALSO PRESENT:              Mr Michael Mason, Executive Manager, Environmental Services, Mr Rajiv Shankar, Manager, Development Assessment, Mr Henry Burnett, Senior Town Planner and Ms Angela Panich, Panel Secretariat






The Panel Chair advised the meeting is being webcast.



Lane Cove Local Planning Panel Report


6 Mitchell Street, Greenwich




The decision of the Lane Cove Local Planning Panel at it’s meeting of 4 September 2018 was that the application for a S8.2 review of  a Section 4.55 modification be refused for the following reasons:


Reasons for the Panel Determination


1.       The question was whether the impact of the proposal on what are demonstrably iconic views, is acceptable or not acceptable.


2.       In particular, the loss of the land/water interface which frames the view from Nos 13 and 15 Mitchell Street and the loss of the view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from 15 Mitchell Street.


3.       In this respect, having viewed the proposal from Nos 13 and 15 Mitchell Street the Panel is of the unanimous opinion that the view loss from both properties, and in particular No.15 Mitchell Street, is significant.


4.       Against this, however, the Panel considered the amenity of the subject property No. 6 Mitchell Street.


5.       The Panel is therefore of the unanimous opinion that a lower pitch of roof on the subject property may achieve both objectives – namely, the preservation of iconic views and in particular the internal height at No.6 Mitchell Street.  This would also lessen the impact of loss of iconic land/water interface from No.4 Mitchell Street.



6.       The Panel is also of the opinion that since Nos 11, 13 and 15 are heritage items, one of the objectives of their listings, as such, is to preserve not only views of this item but also the views from those items, so that their original setting is appreciated.


Subject to the approval of Lane Cove Council the Panel delegate to the General Manager the functions of the Panel under section 8.15(4) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1970.



The decision of the Panel was unanimous


The meeting closed at 6pm.



********* END OF MINUTES *********