Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel Meeting

4 August 2015, 5:00pm

Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel 4 August 2015





PRESENT: †††††††††††††††† Hon David Lloyd, Chair, Mr Eugene Sarich, Planning Expert, Mr David Johnson, Environmental Expert and Ms Mary Rawlings, Community Representative


ALSO PRESENT: ††††† Mr Michael Mason, Executive Manager, Environmental Services, Mr Rajiv Shankar, Manager Development Assessment, Ms May Li, Senior Town Planner and Ms Angela Panich, Panel Secretariat.




Greenwich Baths




THAT pursuant to Section 80(1)(a) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979, as amended, the Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel at its meeting of 4 August 2015, refused development consent to Development Application DA 64/2015 for the sale of alcohol as part of the current use of the premises as a public recreation area on Lot 825, 1122, 1123, DP 752067 and known as Greenwich Bath at 317, 317A and 317B Albert Street, Greenwich for the following reasons:


1.†††††††† The application does not demonstrate an absence of adverse impact upon the amenity of the nearby residential area by way of noise, increased traffic and parking demand, in an area of narrow streets and limited parking, particularly during any proposed function.


2.†††††††† The proposed development includes use as a Function Centre which is a prohibited use in the RE1 zone.


3.†††††††† The Greenwich Baths is potentially a more dangerous environment to supervise than a swimming pool, given that it is tidal, not accessible on all sides, subject to scouring and currents that make the water, with its varying tidal depths at the water sand interface, particularly hazardous, exacerbated with the introduction of alcohol.


4.†††††††† The proposed development is not in the public interest as a result of the adverse social impact resulting from the introduction of alcohol at such a public swimming facility, particularly one which is heavily used by families with small children.



The Panelís decision was unanimous.


The meeting closed at 6.50 pm




********* END OF MINUTES *********





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