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21 October 2013

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1.      NSW Planning Reforms







Ordinary Council Meeting 21 October 2013

NSW Planning Reforms



Subject:          NSW Planning Reforms    

Record No:     SU3476 - 51358/13

Division:         Lane Cove Council

Author(s):       Councillor David Brooks-Horn 




Councillor Bennison, Michael Mason and I attended a meeting with the Minister for Planning, the Hon. Brad Hazzard MP shortly after the last Council Meeting to discuss the Planning White Paper, and I am pleased to say that Council was given an excellent opportunity to talk with the Minister about some of the proposed reforms.


I am pleased to advise that the Minister has announced a series of changes to the proposed planning laws and one in particular which Council had been pushing for. This relates to the ability for councils to modify the current Complying Development provisions. This was significant to our community, because whilst there was great discussion around the proposed Code Assessable development, of real concern was that existing complying development provisions. These allowed two storey houses and developments to occur which impacted in terms of views and overshadowing without any consultation or consideration of the issues. The Minister has listened and will now provide councils with the opportunity to tailor complying development codes in their areas. 


The Minister has also announced a wide variety of changes (detailed in the attached brochure, AT-1 “Planning For Our Future”). These include exempting small metropolitan councils from Code Assessable development, recognising heritage items and sensitive environmental areas and maintaining the existing zoning definition system.


I believe that these changes which will allow for improvements to the planning system whilst maintaining the balance for people to be involved in individual decisions for development applications.


I believe that it is still imperative for our Council to ensure that the community is given the option of utilising the most efficient methods for obtaining development approvals and in this regard I am pleased to announce that Council has received a grant from the NSW Planning and Infrastructure to develop an online complying development portal. This portal will allow the community to determine whether the particular development they are proposing is able to be undertaken by complying or exempt development, and will ultimately allow them to lodge an application should it be necessary. This combined with the Minister’s commitment to allow the complying development Code to be modified to suit each Local Government Area will allow greater efficiencies in the future for our community.




That the Minute be received and noted.   





Councillor David Brooks-Horn





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