Inspection Committee

15 October 2011, 8:30am

All minutes are subject to confirmation at a subsequent

meeting and may be amended by resolution at that meeting.

Inspection Committee 15 October 2011



PRESENT:     Councillor W. Gaffney (Mayor), Councillor P. Palmer, Councillor R. Tudge, Councillor S. Forrest, Councillor K. Mcilroy, Councillor I. Longbottom, and Councillor S. Bennison.

ALSO PRESENT: Executive Manager - Environmental Services


Apologies were received on behalf of Councillor A. Smith and Councillor D. Brooks-Horn.

Item 1:       Environmental Services Division Report No. 236

Subject:     50 Cullen St, Lane Cove West (8:30am)

Item 1 was withdrawn from the inspection on the advice that the application was formally withdrawn by the applicant.

Item 2:       Environmental Services Division Report No. 135

Subject:     9A Gamma Road, Lane Cove (9:00am)

Councillors met at the entrance to the vacant site.

The Mayor welcomed all present and called for an overview and history of the site and the current application before the Council.

Councillors heard from the applicant, owners and the applicant’s representatives (planner and builder) and noted the concerns of adjoining neighbours at 7 and 9 Gamma Road and 7 and 9 Beta Road.  Issues of concern ranged from privacy and overlooking to loss of solar access, bulk of the proposed two storey element and resultant loss of amenity.

Concern was also voiced regarding the potential impact to the two large gum trees which are required to remain by the enabling subdivision consent by the Land and Environment Court.

Councillors proceeded to view the site from the rear yards of 7 and 9 Beta Road.

It was noted that the applicant acknowledged the potential for overlooking the rear dwelling area of No.7 Gamma Road and they indicated that they would seek to rectify such and would discuss the placement of a suitable screen on the top of the masonry fence dividing the properties.

The Mayor thanked all for attending and advised Council will formally consider the application at the full Council meeting on the 17 October 2011.









********* END OF MINUTES *********