Inspection Committee

3 September 2011, 8:30am

All minutes are subject to confirmation at a subsequent

meeting and may be amended by resolution at that meeting.

Inspection Committee 3 September 2011



PRESENT: Councillor W. Gaffney (Mayor), Councillor P. Palmer, Councillor S. Bennison, Councillor D. Brooks-Horn, Councillor S. Forrest, Councillor I. Longbottom, Councillor A. Smith and Councillor R. Tudge.


ALSO PRESENT: Executive Manager - Environmental Services and Executive Manager - Open Space and Urban Services.



Apologies were received on behalf of Councillor K. Mcilroy.


Item 1:       Environmental Services Division Report No. 164

Subject:     19A Bent Street, Greenwich (8:30am)


The Mayor welcomed all present and introduced Councillors before hearing an overview of the development proposal.  Councillors heard from the property owners adjoining the subject site to view potential impacts and hear concerns.  Councillors also traversed the intended line of the inclinator and viewed the site including height poles erected to articulate the location of the proposed dwelling house.


The Mayor thanked all attending and asked Councillors to attend site inspection 2.


Item 2:       Environmental Services Division Report No. 166

Subject:     27A Bellevue Avenue, Greenwich (9:00am)


Reconsideration of an approval and conditions granted under delegated authority under Section 82 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act at 27A Bellevue Avenue, Greenwich.


The Mayor introduced Councillors and heard the assessment history of the approved alterations and additions and the imposition of a number of consent conditions which restricted the proposed balcony and location of two windows for privacy reasons.


Councillors heard from the owners and viewed the site.


Matter Arising


The Mayor enquired as to the adjoining development currently under construction and asked to be advised as to its status.


The Mayor thanked the owners and asked Councillors to meet at Richard Street, Greenwich where the Executive Manager - Open Space and Urban Services would introduce item 3.


Item 3:       Open Space and Urban Services Division Report No. 11

Subject:     Richard Street, Greenwich - Request to Purchase Road Reserve (9:30am)


The Executive Manager - Open Space and Urban Services welcomed the Councillors to the site.  Councillors were provided with copies of the original request to purchase the subject site and three objection letters.


The Councillors viewed the subject area.




********* END OF MINUTES *********