Inspection Committee

31 July 2010, 8:30am

All minutes are subject to confirmation at a subsequent

meeting and may be amended by resolution at that meeting.

Inspection Committee Meeting 31 July 2010






Present:         Clr W. Gaffney (Mayor), Clr P. Palmer (Deputy Mayor), Clr R. Tudge, Clr I. Longbottom, Clr S. Bennison, Clr D. Brooks-Horn, Clr S. Forrest and Executive Manager - Environmental Services


Apologies:      Clr A. Smith and Clr K. Mcilroy


Environmental Services Division Report No. 310 – 177 Greenwich Road, Greenwich


Council met at 177 Greenwich Road and heard from affected neighbours and applicant / owner.


Issues raised included:-

·          the location of the clothesline;

·          the suitability of the side door to meet BCA requirements; and

·          non-compliances between the development approval and the issued construction certificate including the:-

-  southern wall of balcony / stair; and

-  width of the balcony


Issues resolved on site include:-

·           the need for an independent support post for the yet to be constructed gate; and

·           the glass panel on the southern wall will be made obscure.


The Mayor called upon the Executive Manager – Environmental Services to confirm that the constructed door located to give access to a deck and the clothes drying area meets the provisions of the Building Code of Australia.


Environmental Services Division Report No.166 – 17 Greendale Street, Greenwich


Council heard from affected neighbours and the owner.


Issues raised included the:-

·          extent of area carded;

·          Mayor requested that Mr. Dawbin be contacted to confirm that the heritage buildings in Greendale street would not be adversely impacted by the proposed development and that the Executive Manager - Environmental Services forward a copy of Mr. Dawbin’s comments to Mr. Bowers.

·          incremental impact of this development on heritage items and the streetscape generally;

·          owner expressed the view that a garage as proposed with a landscaped roof would be preferred and that an open style carport would pose a security  risk; and

·          owner also requested that Council consider the inclusion of an additional window on the western boundary and provided Councillors with an amended plan which further lowered the proposed garage. 


These matters are now submitted to Council for consideration at the Ordinary Council Meeting of 2nd August 2010.






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