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3 August 2009

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Reports Of Committees


2.       Report Of Committees No. 4

SUBJECT: Report on Inspection Committee for Cunningham's Reach Rowing Facility, Linley Point






Ordinary Council Meeting 3 August 2009


Report Of Committees No. 4






Reference:    Report Of Committees No. 4

Subject:          Report on Inspection Committee for Cunningham's Reach Rowing Facility, Linley Point    

Record No:    DA08/202 - 29311/09

Author(s):       Michael Mason 




Present:          Clr I Longbottom (Mayor), Clr A Smith (Deputy Mayor), Clr W Gaffney, Clr P Palmer, Clr S Forrest, Clr D Brooks-Horn, Clr K McIlroy and Executive Manager, Environmental Services


Apologies:       Clr Tudge and Clr S Bennison


Item 1 – Cunningham’s Reach Rowing Facility, Linley Point


Councillors met initially at Linley Point Reserve at the site of the original facility destroyed by fire in March 2006.


The Mayor welcomed the applicants, Councillors and members of the public.


The Mayor acknowledged the history of the site and comments of observers before inviting all to the site of the proposed development at Cunningham’s Reach.


The site of the proposed facility was marked out using a stringline to represent the curtilage of the proposed structure along with a stringline position to show the intended maximum height of the proposed building.  Council staff also made the submitted model available to assist those attending.


Councillors heard from the Executive Manager as to the detail of the proposal followed by questions from those attending to the architect.


A range of concerns were expressed by a number of people including:


            -           The proposed structure would be seen by residents of Hunters Hill.


            -           The proposed structure would be excessive in height and bulk.


            -           The proposed structure would only encourage use of the park and create excessive noise, demand for parking and fishing.


            -           The proposed toilet should be accessible throughout the day.


A range of frank views and concerns both for and against the proposal were made.


Concern was expressed that people in The Crescent, Linley Point with views of the western river bank were not notified.  A copy of the notified area is included as AT-3 of the Inspection Committee Report.


A request was made as to what percentage of the park would be occupied by the rowing facility.  This information will be available at the Council meeting.


The inspection concluded mid-morning.


The matter is now submitted to Council for determination.






That the report be received and noted.







Michael Mason

Executive Manager

Environmental Services Division




There are no supporting documents for this report.