Inspection Committee

Committee Meeting

28 February 2009, 8:30am

All minutes are subject to confirmation at a subsequent

meeting and may be amended by resolution at that meeting.

Inspection Committee 28 February 2009






Present:          Clr Ian Longbottom (Mayor), Clr A Smith (Deputy Mayor), Clr D Brooks-Horn, Clr R Tudge, Clr P Palmer, Clr S Forrest, Clr S Bennison, Michael Mason, Executive Manager, Environmental Services, owners and/or residents and their advisors.


Apologies:       Clr K Mcilroy, Clr W Gaffney


1.                  Environmental Services Division Report No. 3 – 4 Church Street, Greenwich


The Mayor, Clr Longbottom, welcomed people in attendance and requested an overview of relevant issues prior to opening the meeting to the applicant’s Architect to address issues raised in the report.


Councillors heard from the owner’s advisors and the owner, together with a number of adjoining and nearby residents and their advisors.  Councillors visited the adjoining sites of 2 Church Street and 9 Roberts Street to gain an understanding of potential view loss impacts.


A letter was handed to the Mayor and read by Mr Mason from the owners of 11 Roberts Street, Mr and Mrs Colin Ayres (copy attached AT1).


Issues raised during the site inspection included:


1.                  Degree of view loss to No. 2 Church Street and No. 9 Roberts Street, Greenwich.


2.                  Non-compliance with Council’s Building Code.  In particular partial side building setback, front setback, maximum internal ceiling heights, roof top terrace, balcony width, ground level of building and garage and the extent of cut to the rear of the land.


3.         Councillors enquired as to the number of trees proposed for removal (2, a Jacaranda and a Gum tree) and the appropriateness of proposed landscaping to the rear of the property.


4.         Councillors discussed the process relating to the issue of a deferred commencement approval and the need/desire for certainty of outcome.




5.         The applicant expressed the view that if the building was lowered at the foundation level that such would adversely impact on drainage and vehicular access from the site.


6.         The Mayor requested photographs taken by Mr Mills be made available to Council should mediation occur.


7.         Councillors discussed the possibility of the matter being referred to mediation with the view to enabling those affected, the opportunity to participate in the development process.



The Mayor thanked all who participated in the site inspection and invited all to the Council meeting on 2 March 2009.


The meeting concluded at approximately 10am.


Resolved by Clr Smith and Clr Tudge.



********* END OF MINUTES *********