Extraordinary Meeting of Council

10 June 2008, 7.05 pm

All minutes are subject to confirmation at a subsequent

meeting and may be amended by resolution at that meeting.

Extraordinary Meeting of Council 10 June 2008






PRESENT: Councillor I. Longbottom, (Chair), R. D’Amico, Councillor K. Freedman, Councillor W. Gaffney,  Councillor J. Hassarati, Councillor T. Lawson, and Councillor R. Tudge.



ALSO PRESENT: General Manager,  Executive Manager - Corporate Services, Executive Manager - Environmental Services,  Executive Manager – Open Space & Urban Services, Executive Manager - Human Services, Director – Major Projects, Manager – Strategic Planning, Town Planner, GIS Officer and Chief Executive’s Secretary.






Apologies be received on behalf of Councillor A. Smith and Councillor F.Teirney


RESOLVED on the motion of Councillors Longbottom and Gaffney that that the apology be accepted and leave of absence be granted..


The Mayor declared the motion carried unanimously.





The meeting was opened with a prayer by the General Manager.




The Mayor gave an acknowledgement of Country.




RESOLVED on the motion of Councillors Hassarati and Gaffney that Standing Orders be suspended and that members of the public who wish to address Council be allowed to do so for a maximum of three minutes.


The Mayor declared the motion carried unanimously.


The following persons addressed Council regarding the DLEP.


June Morgan 7 Dettmann Avenue, various issues.

Helen Jones 7 Bellevue Avenue Greenwich with respect to Neild Avenue.

Maureen Martin 45 Parklands Avenue, Lane Cove regarding the required number of extra residences required.

Jill Henry 548 Mowbray Road, Lane Cove encouraging high density all along Mowbray Road and medium density on Gordon Crescent

Rowena Lau 26 Pinadoo Place, regarding site amalgamation may alienate properties for redevelopment

David Jackson 109 Northwood Road, opposing Northwood/ Woodford Bay Environmental Protection Zone.

Ron Gornall Mafeking Avenue Lane Cove, regarding solar access and shading impact caused by heights allowed for Pacific Highway.

Henry Moser, Birdwood Avenue Lane Cove regarding FSR and Lane Values in Birdwood Avenue.

Walter Cavill owner of property at Cnr Pacific Hwy & Longueville Road, Lane Cove regarding appearance of area as entry to Lane Cove and viable economic development.

Elizabeth Maxwell 4A Birdwood Avenue, Lane Cove

Robert Wechsler 113A Northwood Road , opposing Northwood Environmental Protection Zone.

Sue Stephens 6 Morven Gardens, Greenwich, impact of Waterbrook current and future development on her property.

Harold Carapict, Mowbray Road, Lane Cove requesting high rise for Mowbray Road, Lane Cove.

Peter Baum, 4 Birdwood Avenue, Lane Cove regarding FSR for Birdwood Avenue Lane Cove, property values and impact on rates.

Ena Vukic, Mowbray Road, Lane Cove supporting restriction of height levels for Mowbray Road

Allan Whinnie, 13 Innes Road, opposing zoning and height for Nield Avenue

Stephen Bluth 8/2-6 Taylors Lane Lane Cove, regarding proposed zoning for corner of Longueville Road and Pacific Highway.

Doug Stuart, Member of Lane Cove bushland & Conservation Society and RASAD regarding number of extra residences proposed and Village Structure Plan and FSR controls


Councillor Hassarati vacated the chamber at 8:25pm and rejoined the meeting at 8:26pm


Frances Vissel, Stringybark Residents Association, supporting the removal of Gordon Crescent due to impact of stormwater and sewage in bushland.


Councillor D’Amico vacated the chamber at 8:41pm and rejoined the meeting at 8:45pm.

Councillor Freedman vacated the chamber at 8:42pm and rejoined the meeting at 8:44pm


John Tyrell 10 Birdwood Avenue, Lane Cove regarding proposals for highrise for Birdwood Avenue.

Chris Kelly 21 Finlayson Street, Lane Cove, proposing no change for Finlayson Street

Terry Jones 7 Bellevue Avenue, Greenwich regarding Nield Avenue and planning impacts on surrounding residences.

Lancelot Hill 316 Burns Bay Road opposing redevelopment of part of 314 Burns Bay Road

Pam Palmer 11 Mitchell Street, Greenwich, regarding Nield Avenue and advocating previous submissions be reconsidered.

Kerry Nash Town Planning Consultant, inclusion of 3 Fig Tree Street as Neighbourhood Centre zoning.


Councillor Lawson vacated the chamber at 9:04pm and rejoined the meeting at 9:08pm.


Laridith Southwood 17 Mitchell Street, Greenwich regarding rainwater tanks being excluded from Heritage Buildings.

Margaret Begomi, Chair of Lane Cove Bushland and Conservation Society supporting E2 zone for bushland. LEP.


Resumption of Standing Orders


RESOLVED on the motion of Councillors Longbottom and Gaffney that Standing Orders be resumed.


The Mayor declared the motion carried unanimously.




RESOLVED on the motion of Councillors Longbottom and Gaffney that the meeting be adjourned for 10 minutes.


The Mayor declared the motion carried unanimously.




The Meeting resumed at 9.29pm.



Environmental Services Division Reports


Environmental Services Division Report No. 33

SUBJECT: Draft Comprehensive Local Environmental Plan (DLEP 2008)


RESOLVED on the motion of Councillors Longbottom and Hassarati that:-


1.         Council adopt for a second exhibition the Draft Comprehensive Local Environmental Plan, adopted on 20 September 2004 by Council and authorised by the Department of Planning on 13 December 2007, incorporating the amendments attached to this report, and the points outlined in 4 below, in accordance with the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 and the Department of Planning’s “Best Practice Guidelines”.


2.         The Department of Planning be requested to authorise the amended Draft LEP for public exhibition for a period of 28 days.


3.         A public hearing be held into the reclassification to operational land of 304-314 Burns Bay Road and 10 Chaplin Drive, as exhibited from 29 December 2007 to 29 February 2008, in accordance with section 68 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 and section 29 of the Local Government Act 1993.


4.                  The following alterations be made to the DLEP prior to re-exhibition:-


a.      In relation to covenants, Clause 1.8 be amended so that the suspension of covenants will be permissible on 4 residential sites: 304-314 Burns Bay Rd (former bowling club), 47 Burns Bay Rd (police station), 150 Epping Rd (Shell service station) and 83 Kenneth Street.

b.      The Floor Space Ratio Map (FSR) for St Leonards be the version dated 10 June 2008.

c.      The RTA Land on the northern approach to Figtree Bridge be designated Public Road Reserve.

d.      The floor space ratio for the Burns Bay Rd High Density Residential R4 Zone be increased to 2:1.

e.      The zoning of 7-13 Birdwood Avenue be changed to B4, Mixed Use with an FSR of 2:1.

f.        The Environmental Protection Zone in Northwood Rd/Woodford Bay be deleted.

g.      The zoning of 3 Fig Tree Street be changed to B1, Neighbourhood Centre.

h.      Modify the definition of Neighbourhood Centre B1 and Light Industrial IN2 Zones to permit medical centres.


5.         The following matters be considered during the development of the Lane Cove Comprehensive DCP:

a.      750m2 be included as the minimum lot size for redevelopment in Mindarie Street for Townhouses.

b.      Suitable provisions be included to protect the amenity of residents in Finlayson and Birdwood Avenue.


6.         A further report be submitted to the next Council Meeting addressing the following issues:-

a.      Options for an increase in the retail floor area of neighbourhood shops.

b.      Inclusion of additional specific zone objectives within the plan.

c.      The impact of the new definition for the calculation of FSR in the NSW LEP Template.



For the Motion were Councillors D'Amico, Freedman, Gaffney, Hassarati and Longbottom (Total 5).

Against the Motion were Councillors Lawson and Tudge (Total 2).




The meeting closed at 10.40pm.


Confirmed at the Ordinary Council Meeting of 16 June, 2008 at which meeting the signature herein is subscribed.







********* END OF MINUTES *********