Inspection Committee 31 May 2008














































Inspection Committee Meeting

31 May 2008, 8:30AM

All minutes are subject to confirmation at a subsequent

meeting and may be amended by resolution at that meeting.





Present:                     Clr I Longbottom (Mayor), Clr W Gaffney (Deputy Mayor), Clr T Lawson and Clr R DÁmico


Apologies:                  Clr A Smith, Clr F Teirney, Clr R Tudge and Clr J Hassarati



1.         6 Wharf Road, Longueville – ESD Report No. 211


Proposed construction of a dwelling-house. 


Councillors met on site and heard from the applicant, his architect and planner. Councillors also inspected the provided height poles and heard from adjoining neighbours.  Councillors viewed the site from the adjoining properties to the north.


Issues raised by adjoining neighbours concerned the blocking of views to the rear of the site, privacy to the east and the need to validate the height poles provided.


Mr Mason undertook to confirm that the heights provided reflect the position of the height poles.


2.         40 King William Street, Greenwich – ESD Report No. 197


Proposed construction of a dwelling house.


Councillors met on site and heard from the applicant, his architect, heritage architect and town planner before hearing from neighbours and their representatives.


The major issues of concern relates to the front building set back of the proposed dwelling house.


3.         165 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove


Erection of an illuminated pole sign.


Clr D’Amico could not attend this inspection and tendered his apology to the Mayor.


Councillors heard from the owner, viewed the site and noted that the report has been called to Council by Clr W Gaffney.


The Inspection Committee concluded.