Inspection Committee Meeting

3 May 2008, 8:30AM

All minutes are subject to confirmation at a subsequent

meeting and may be amended by resolution at that meeting.

Inspection Committee 3 May 2008






Present:          Clr I Longbottom (Mayor), Clr W Gaffney, Clr A Smith, Clr K Freedman, Clr R D’Amico, Clr T Lawson, Clr R Tudge, Clr J Hassarati and Mr M Mason, Executive Manager, Environmental Services


Apology:          Clr F Teirney


Alterations and Additions to an Existing Dwelling at 28 George Street, Greenwich


Councillors and adjoining residents were invited to view the site and context of the proposed alterations and additions to an existing dwelling.


The proposed works include:


  1. Alterations and additions to the existing ground floor including extension towards the rear. The rear dining and kitchen have been stepped down. Towards the rear is proposed a 3.0m wide deck. The deck is accessible from a proposed external staircase adjoining the deck.


  1. Alterations and additions to the existing first floor including extension towards the rear to create a bed room and a walk in robe. The bedroom opens on to a 3.0m wide balcony which is also accessible from the same external staircase adjoining the deck towards the rear.


  1. An attic, accessible from the existing internal staircase, has been proposed within the existing roof space.


  1. The existing garage towards the rear of the property is proposed to be extended to accommodate a WC. The alterations include provision of three French Doors which open towards the rear open space. It is proposed to use the garage as a studio.


  1. A carport, with a roof pitch to match the existing dwelling house, is proposed in front of the existing building line.


  1. A new pedestrian opening & gate in the existing front fence to access the dwelling house from the street.


Councillors heard from the owners of the site and from three adjoining neighbours.




Privacy concerns were raised by the owner of number 26 George Street.


View sharing concerns were raised by the owners of No. 2 Mitchell Street.


Privacy and bulk concerns were raised by the owners of No. 4 Mitchell Street.  The owners provided a written overview of their concerns and possible solutions for Councillors.


Councillors also visited No’s 2 and 4 Mitchell Street and heard concerns raised.




Councillors heard the views and concerns of all stakeholders and advised all present that the item will be considered at the next Council meeting on Monday 5 May 2008.




That Council grant consent to Development Application D304/07 for alterations and additions to existing dwelling house and erection of a carport at 28 George Street, Greenwich subject to the following:-


  • Deletion of the proposed first floor balcony
  • Deletion of the proposed external staircase toward the rear of the dwelling
  • The proposed first floor not to project beyond the line of the existing south facing external wall
  • A range of standard conditions.








********* END OF MINUTES *********