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DATE OF MEETING:          6 August 2007


LOCATION:                          Council Chambers


TIME:                                     6.30pm.  Note. If members of the public are not interested in any business recommended by the General Manager to be considered in Closed Session or there is no such business, Council will ordinarily commence consideration of all other business at 7pm.









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6 AUGUST 2007




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Reports Of Committees


1.       Report Of Committees No. 19

SUBJECT: Minutes of Inspection Committee 4 August 2007 - 16 Private Road




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6 AUGUST 2007





Ordinary Council at the Meeting 6 August 2007

6 August 2007 to Ordinary Council

Report Of Committees No. 19

Subject:           Minutes of Inspection Committee 4 August 2007 - 16 Private Road    

Record No:     DA05/357-01 - 21788/07

Author(s):       Michael Mason 




Present:          Clr I Longbottom (Mayor), Clr T Lawson, Clr R Tudge, Clr K Freedman, Clr F Teirney, Clr A Smith, Mr M Mason, Owner of the site, his Town Planner and interested neighbours


Apologies:      Clr J Hassarati, Clr W Gaffney, Clr R DÁmico




This item was considered by Council at it’s Planning and Building Committee on 19 March 2007 and the matter was referred to a site inspection.   For a range of reasons a site inspection was not able to be held until this meeting.


The Mayor welcomed all attending and proceeded on site at the owner’s invitation.


The applicant’s Town Planner described the proposed development highlighting recent changes that seek to address Council concerns raised at the Planning and Building Committee meeting.  The Mayor invited Councillors to ask questions of the applicant and residents to highlight their concerns with the proposed dwelling house.


The Committee also viewed the site from 74A Northwood Road and 12 Private Road.


Issues viewed and considered by the Committee included:


·    Significance of trees on site

·    Privacy concerns to dwellings located along the western boundary

·    Loss of views and visual impact

·    Overshadowing and bulk of proposed building

·    Access to and from the site

·    Legal status of Private Road


The Mayor thanked all who attended the site inspection and provided comment.


Councillor Lawson moved the motion, Clr Smith seconded.









That the report be received and noted.









Michael Mason

Executive Manager

Environmental Services Division





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