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Lane Cove Local Planning Panel Meeting

19 November 2019



Lane Cove Local Planning Panel 19 November 2019





PRESENT:                              Hon David Lloyd, Chairman, Mr Graham Brown, Planning Expert, Mr David Johnson, Planning Expert, Ms Maria Linders, Community Representative  (the meeting was held electronically)




Lane Cove Local Planning Panel Reports


Phoenix Street, Lane Cove




That pursuant to section 4.55(1A) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, the Lane Cove Local Planning Panel at it’s electronic meeting of 19 November 2019 exercising the functions of the Council as the consent authority grant consent to the Section 4.55 Modification Application to Development Application No. 54/2019 for construction of a grandstand, youth centre, amenities building and associated works at Phoenix Street (also known as No. 2 Little Street) subject to the following:


1.         The replacement of Condition 25 as follows:


25.       All contaminated soil is to be ‘capped and contained’ in accordance with the submitted Remediation Action Plan (RAP) and a Contamination Validation Report is to be submitted and reviewed by an NSW EPA Accredited Site Auditor prior to the issue of the Occupation Certificate or once all final pavements are installed.


Panel Reasons


1.         The Panel supports the findings in the assessment report and supports the reasons for modification contained in that report.



The electronic decision of the Panel was unanimous



********* END OF MINUTES *********