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Ordinary Council Meeting

17 June 2019

The meeting commences at 6.30pm. If members of the public are

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Ordinary Council 17 June 2019



Officer Reports for Determination


1.      Fees for Online DA Lodgement  







Ordinary Council Meeting 17 June 2019

Fees for Online DA Lodgement



Subject:          Fees for Online DA Lodgement    

Record No:    SU5142 - 32083/19

Division:         Environmental Services Division

Author(s):       Henry  Burnett 



Executive Summary


Council is participating in the NSW EPlanning Program which will require an addition to the 2019/20 Fees and Charges Schedule for electronic file management. It will be recommended that the proposed fees and charges be advertised for a period of 28 days in accordance with the Local Government Act and subject to no objections being received, Council adopt the fees and charges outlined in this report. 




Council’s Development Assessment Team has partnered with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment as part of their EPlanning Program to enable applicants to lodge a Development Application online via the NSW Planning Portal. Council is 1 of 13 Council’s across the State to be participating in the EPlanning Program. Participating in the EPlanning Program will provide the opportunity for end-to-end electronic processing of Development Applications which will benefit both applicants and Council.




Electronic File Management Fee


Council’s Development Assessment Team has been working closely with the Department to integrate and adapt our current processes. One of the key benefits of online Development Application lodgment will be the reduction in hard copies required. Currently an applicant is required to provide five (5) to seven (7) hard copies of each document. The provision of Development Application documents electronically saves both paper and printing costs and will be a much-improved customer service offering.


However, Council staff may still require a single (1) hard copy of all documents to be used as part of the assessment process including for public notification, assessment and archival purposes. As this hard copy would need to be generated by Council, this cost should not be borne by Council.


The following electronic file management fees are proposed to be introduced for all Development Applications lodged online via the NSW Planning Portal:




Fee per application for the electronic file management of Development Applications lodged electronically via the NSW Planning Portal.

Up to $5,000


$5,000 to $250,000


$250,000 to $500,000


$500,000 to $1 million


$1 million to $10 million


Over $10 million



Sutherland Shire Council (another early adopter of electronic lodgement) have adopted an electronic file management fee for the same purpose, which has been adapted for the purposes of this report.




That the fees and charges for electronic file management as detailed in the report, be placed on public exhibition for a period of 28 days and subject to no objections being received, they be adopted for inclusion in the 2019/2020 Fees and Charges Schedule.







Michael Mason

Executive Manager

Environmental Services Division




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