Inspection Committee

16 June 2012, 8:30am

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Inspection Committee 16 June 2012



PRESENT: Councillor W. Gaffney (Chair), Councillor S. Bennison, Councillor D. Brooks-Horn, Councillor S .Forrest, Councillor I. Longbottom, Councillor K. Mcilroy, Councillor P. Palmer, Councillor A. Smith and Councillor R. Tudge.


ALSO PRESENT: Executive Manager - Environmental Services and Manager Development Assessment


3 Second Avenue, Lane Cove


The Mayor welcomed all present and requested the Executive Manager Environmental Services to provide an overview of the 82A Application as it applied to the site. The applicant was invited to address councillors and it was noted that although the height and perimeter structures were not certified by a land surveyor they were accepted as indicative of the proposed application being considered.


The Committee noted the request of the neighbour (5 Second Avenue), Mr. Stubbs, that he be provided the opportunity to view and comment on the latest plans. The Committee also noted the comments of the neighbour at No.1 Second Avenue raising no objection to the proposal.


The Committee viewed the indicative height and perimeter structures from the foreground and front dwelling steps of No.5 Second Avenue.









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