Inspection Committee

19 May 2012, 8:30am

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meeting and may be amended by resolution at that meeting.

Inspection Committee 19 May 2012



PRESENT: Councillor W. Gaffney (Chair), Councillor S. Bennison, Councillor D. Brooks-Horn, Councillor S .Forrest, Councillor P. Palmer and Councillor R. Tudge.


ALSO PRESENT: Executive Manager - Environmental Services



Apologies were received on behalf of Councillors Longbottom, Mcilroy, and Smith.


3 Second Avenue, Lane Cove


This application is a Section 82A review of determination for a development application to construct a driveway from the front boundary to the entrance way of the existing dwelling.

The Committee met at the street front to 3 Second Avenue and heard an overview of the driveway application, noting that there is also an approval to construct a garage on a similar setback to other garages on Second Avenue .

Councillors also heard from the applicant and the neighbours adjoining the southern boundary.

A number of Councillors were of the view that the building of a garage below and in front of the existing dwelling house has the potential to adversely impact the neighbours to the south.







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