Inspection Committee Meeting

14 April 2012, 9:00am



Notice of Meeting


Dear Councillors


Notice is given of the Inspection Committee, to be held in the onsite on Saturday 14 April 2012 commencing at 9am. The business to be transacted at the meeting is included in this business paper.


Yours faithfully

Peter Brown

General Manager

Important Information


The Inspection Committee inspects sites in order for Councillors to inform themselves and listen to any person who has an issue or concern about the proposal.† It is appropriate that any debate and decision take place at a Council Meeting, not onsite.


Councillors enter premises at the invitation of the property owner/occupier, and Council encourages the property owner/occupier to allow relevant third parties to accompany the Committee on its inspection.


The Committee is governed by Councilís Code of Meeting Practice, and no recording of the meeting is allowed.


Committee Meeting Procedures


The Inspection Committee Council meeting is chaired by the Mayor, Councillor Win Gaffney. Items referred to the Committee are referred to a Council or Committee Meeting for determination. Minutes of Council and Committee meetings are published on Councilís website www.lanecove.nsw.gov.au by 5pm of the Thursday following the meeting.


The Meeting is conducted in accordance with Council's Code of Meeting Practice. The order of business is listed in the Agenda on the next page. That order will be followed unless Council resolves to modify the order at the meeting.


If you do not understand any part of the information given above; require assistance to participate in the meeting due to a disability; or wish to obtain information in relation to Council, please contact Councilís Manager Governance on 99113525.


Inspection Committee 14 April 2012








At the Ordinary Council Meeting of 5 March 2012 a Matter Arising was moved by Councillor Palmer and Bennison to hold an Inspection Committee Meeting of the Mowbray Precinct.†


The meeting will commence at 9am.† Attendees are requested to meet at the corner of Mindarie Street and Pinaroo Place.


A post-exhibition report on the Precinct is included in the Ordinary Council Agenda for 16 April 2012.



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