Inspection Committee

30 July 2011, 8:30am

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Inspection Committee 30 July 2011



PRESENT: Councillor W. Gaffney (Mayor), Councillor P. Palmer, Councillor S. Bennison, Councillor S. Forrest, Councillor I. Longbottom, Councillor K. Mcilroy, and Councillor R. Tudge.


ALSO PRESENT: Executive Manager - Environmental Services    



Apologies were received on behalf of Councillor D. Brooks-Horn and Councillor A. Smith.

Note: Councillor K. Mcilroy excused himself prior to the commencement of the meeting



Item 1:             Environmental Services Division Report No.130

Subject:           35 Morrice Street, Lane Cove (8.30am)


The Mayor welcomed all present and called for an overview of the development proposal.  Councillors heard from the Executive Manager and asked questions of the applicant and the owners.  The Committee noted that the requested height poles had not been erected and that the absence of such failed to provide all Councillors with a clear understanding of the proposed additions.


A number of objectors expressed their concerns to the Committee.


Councillors heard from the neighbour adjoining the southern boundary who had concerns that the proposed addition would unreasonably reduce the existing solar access to the existing windows, solar panels and the courtyard during winter months.


Councillors viewed the subject semi-detached dwelling from the courtyard of 39 Morrice Street and the rear courtyard of the proposed structure.


The Committee left the site and the Mayor thanked all people attending for their input.





********* END OF MINUTES *********