Inspection Committee

2 April 2011, 8:30am

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meeting and may be amended by resolution at that meeting.

Inspection Committee 2 April 2011




Present Councillor W. Gaffney (Mayor), Councillor P. Palmer (Deputy Mayor), Councillor A. Smith, Councillor D. Brooks-Horn, Councillor K. Mcilroy, Councillor S. Forrest, Councillor S. Bennison, Councillor I. Longbottom and Executive Manager Environmental Services.


Apologies Councillor R. Tudge


Item 1 Environmental Services Report No. 25 referred from Planning and Building Meeting of 7 March 2011


Subject 1A Francis Street, Longueville (DA287/10)



Councillors met on-site and heard from the Executive Manager Environmental Services who provided an overview of the proposal and relevant objections. Councillors also heard from the applicants, the objectors and a number of consultants acting for the objectors.


Issues raised included the accuracy of the height poles and whether they were erected as requested by Council. The applicant addressed the concerns and advised, interalia, that the height pole was erected at a 3m protrusion to the face of the building rather than the originally 3.5m proposed.


The applicant advised that their desire was to reduce the proposed balcony to a width of 3m in accordance with the Council DCP. The Mayor requested the applicant confirm the 3m balcony width prior to consideration by Council.


Councillors viewed the site and the adjoining roof top terrace of 56 Kenneth Street. Council heard the concerns of potential view loss from the objectors and their consultants.


The Mayor concluded the inspection and advised that the matter would be determined at the Ordinary Council Meeting of 4 April 2011.






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