Ordinary Council Meeting

3 May 2010

The meeting commences at 6.30pm. If members of the public are

not interested in any business recommended to be considered in

Closed Session or there is no such business, Council will ordinarily

  commence consideration of all other business at 7pm.



Notice of Meeting


Dear Councillors


Notice is given of the Ordinary Council Meeting, to be held in the Council Chambers on Monday 3 May 2010 commencing at 7:00pm. The business to be transacted at the meeting is included in this business paper.


Yours faithfully

Peter Brown

General Manager


Council Meeting Procedures


The Council meeting is chaired by the Mayor, Councillor Win Gaffney. Councillors are entitled to one vote on a matter. If votes are equal, the Chairperson has a second or casting vote. When a majority of Councillors vote in favour of a Motion it becomes a decision of the Council. Minutes of Council and Committee meetings are published on Council’s website www.lanecove.nsw.gov.au by 5pm of the Thursday following the meeting.


The Meeting is conducted in accordance with Council's Code of Meeting Practice. The order of business is listed in the Agenda on the next page. That order will be followed unless Council resolves to modify the order at the meeting. This may occur for example where the members of the public in attendance are interested in specific items of the agenda.


Members of the public may address the Council Meeting on any issue for a maximum of 3 minutes during the public forum which is held at the beginning of the meeting. All persons addressing the Meeting must speak to the Chair. Speakers and Councillors will not enter into general debate or ask questions.


If you do not understand any part of the information given above; require assistance to participate in the meeting due to a disability; or wish to obtain information in relation to Council, please contact Council’s Manager Governance on 99113525.


Please note meetings held in the Council Chambers are recorded on tape for the purposes of verifying the accuracy of minutes and the tapes are not disclosed to any third party under section 12(6) of the Local Government Act, except as allowed under section 18(1) or section 19(1) of the PPIP Act, or where Council is compelled to do so by court order, warrant or subpoena or by any other legislation.




Ordinary Council 3 May 2010















public forum


Members of the public may address the Council Meeting on any issue for 3 minutes.








Orders Of The Day


2.       Order Of The Day No. 6

SUBJECT: Citizenship Ceremony - 19 May 2010


Notices of Motion


3.       Notice of Motion No. 4

SUBJECT: Lane Cove Anzac Day Service


Corporate Services Division Reports


4.       Corporate Services Division Report No. 27

SUBJECT: Draft Budget and Management Plan 2010 - 2013


5.       Corporate Services Division Report No. 29

SUBJECT: Inquiry Into the Effects of Grafitti on Public Infrastructure


6.       Corporate Services Division Report No. 30

SUBJECT: Goods and Services Tax Certificate of Compliance


Open Space and Urban Services Division Reports


7.       Open Space and Urban Services Division Report No. 20

SUBJECT: Lane Cove Golf Course - Strategic Review


8.       Open Space and Urban Services Division Report No. 21

SUBJECT: Air Quality Monitoring Stations


Human Services Division Reports


9.       Human Services Division Report No. 16

SUBJECT: Library Fitout Progress Report No 8  



Ordinary Council Meeting 3 May 2010


Order Of The Day No. 6






Reference:    Order Of The Day No. 6

Subject:          Citizenship Ceremony - 19 May 2010    

Record No:    SU28  - 13740/10

Author(s):       Millie  Stephen 



Executive Summary


A Citizenship Ceremony will be conducted in the Council Chamber on Wednesday 19th May 2010 commencing at 7:00pm. A Councillor is required to attend the Ceremony and speak to the new Citizens about local government.






That a Councillor nominate to attend the Citizenship Ceremony of 19th May 2010 and speak to the new Citizens about local government.







Peter Brown

General Manager

General Managers Unit




There are no supporting documents for this report.


Ordinary Council Meeting 3 May 2010


Notice of Motion No. 4






Reference:    Notice of Motion No. 4

Subject:          Lane Cove Anzac Day Service    

Record No:    su26 - 15511/10

Author(s):       Councillor Ian  Longbottom 



Executive Summary


It would appear the Mayor made a unilateral decision to hold this year’s service in the Cove Room without consulting the Council or the Sub-Branch of the RSL.


A number of people made complaints about the venue and a number of people were affected by the heat, including two Councillors.


We must remember that our servicemen and women fought under the harshest of conditions and that even if it does rain, I believe the majority of Lane Cove residents would have been happy to attend the service outdoors in the rain rather than turn up to a service where they could not gain access nor hear the service due to the size and situation of the venue.


The Dawn Service in the City was held in the rain as was the service held in Willoughby.







That the Lane Cove ANZAC Day service in future be held at the Cenotaph, either beside the Lane Cove Library or in the Plaza, and not in the Cove Room. If there is a need for a change in venue then the Council and the RSL Sub-Branch be consulted regarding the change.








Councillor Ian  Longbottom





There are no supporting documents for this report.


Ordinary Council Meeting 3 May 2010


Corporate Services Division Report No. 27






Reference:    Corporate Services Division Report No. 27

Subject:          Draft Budget and Management Plan 2010 - 2013    

Record No:    SU3984 - 13649/10

Author(s):       Bernie Mayhew; Craig Wrightson 




The 2010 – 2013 Budget has been formulated at the back end of the worst financial environment in decades, i.e. the global economic crisis.  This combined with major cost increases in street lighting 56%, (which alone consumes 54% of the increase Council received in Rates), the pressure local government generally is under from a variety of sources, has made the development of this budget even more difficult than last year, resulting in Council facing a deficit budget for the second year in a row.  Major pressures include:

·     Lower interest rates resulting in lower returns on income from investments

·     Continuation of a additional superannuation costs due to a decline in financial returns, Council will need to contribute an additional $324,000 per annum over the next 9 years for staff who are in the Defined Benefits super fund.

·     Revenue decreasing relative to inflation, the government has approved a 2.6% increase in Rates, when the Award increases for staff are in the order of 3.2% and electricity and water process are experiencing double digit increases.

·     Increased depreciation expense from the new valuation format for Roads and Drainage and the inclusion of the $50,000,000 Market Square into Council’s portfolio. Overall depreciation expenses for the year 2010/11 will rise by $585,000 (11%) over revised budget 2009/10 and $1,238,000 (27%) over original budget 2009/10.

·     Cost shifting from State & Federal government; and

·     Continued rate pegging from the NSW State government over more than 2 decades which has seen revenue lag behind actual costs.


Draft Budget for 2010 - 2013


Budget Summary


The 2010 – 2013 Budget was prepared using Council's normal format and arranged in program areas that reflect Council’s activities. The document contains explanatory notes that describe the activities covered by each of the programs.


The 2010 – 2013 Budget has been formulated on the basis of applying the principle of achieving a balanced budget in cash terms without the reliance on debt.   On an AAS 27 Accrual Accounting basis, Council’s budget is in deficit by $941,921. However, after Grants and Capital contributions a surplus of $1,126,791 is anticipated. In terms of Cash Flow, the budget has a net impact on cash of $1.77 million, which is inline with Council’s first year expenditure on the Meeting House Project at $1.8 million. This project will ultimately provide a return to Council in the 2011-12 year.  


To achieve this, the 2010 - 2013 Draft Budget was formulated based on materials and contracts being pegged at 2009/10 levels. Any changes beyond this were made in an environment of contestability which required individual Divisional Managers to critically evaluate and justify program expenditures, matching each against their respective funding source thus leading to the containment of costs.   I believe, the draft budget as presented will continue to facilitate the achievement of Council’s objectives in the coming 12 months.

Budget Highlights


Meeting House - $1,800,000 has been provided to commence construction of the Meeting House development


Lane Cove Plaza - $500,000 has been provided to commence the refurbishment of the Plaza and/or Bandstand.


Greenwich Shopping Centre - $230,000 for Stage 1 of the refurbishment of the Greenwich Road Shopping Centre.


Lane Cove Aquatic Centre - $2,500,000 has been provided to commence refurbishment of the roof. This has been offset against full recovery in the current legal action in relation to the roof.


Lane Cove Community Centre - $120,000 has been provided to refurbish the top floor of the Community Centre post occupation as a temporary library.


Blackman Park Resurfacing  - $70,000 for Stage 1 of the levelling of Blackman Park, this will see the relevelling of Field 1 and provision of a new Cricket Wicket.


Lane Cove Village Sustainable Lighting Project - $160,000 has been made for the installation of smart poles within the Lane Cove Village to facilitate the installation of energy efficient lighting and $77,500 has been provided for the installation of more photovoltaic cells to offset the electricity consumption.


Increased Depreciation Expense - Council is required to comply with Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) in the preparation and presentation of its financial information. AASB 116 now requires Council to utilise the Fair Value method of valuing its assets. Last year Council Buildings and Other Structures, were included in the budget with the value and useful life remaining calculated by a registered valuer. Stage 2 in 2010/11 will see the introduction of Fair Value methodology in relation to roads, drainage, footpaths, & similar assets, which has significantly increased the depreciation charge to the budget. The revaluation alone saw depreciation increase by $654,000.  Whilst the resulting increase in depreciation does not directly effect Council’s Cash Flow it does impact on Council’s Operating Result, as depreciation is an expense.


Lane Cove Market Square Development


The inclusion of the $50,000,000 Lane Cove Market Square Development, has seen a net increase in depreciation of $437,000.  In terms of the operational budget the net impact on the Budget is as follows:-




Woolworths Lease Income


Carpark Fee Income






Carpark and Common area maintenance and cleaning


Library Staff


Library Cleaning


Library Maintenance


Library Electricity


Building Insurance




Total Surplus


Corporate Services


Administration 1.1


Overall the budget has been struck on the basis of a zero increase where possible.


No changes in the staff establishment are proposed, however, Council will need to continue to contribute an additional $324,000 per annum over the next 9 years for staff who are in the Defined Benefits super fund. Superannuation estimates in individual accounts will vary throughout the budget depending on the number of staff in the scheme.


The allocation for Facilities Redevelopment Planning has been maintained at a lower level as many of the preliminary investigations required for the initial projects in the Major Projects Plan have been completed. The projects from the Major Projects Plan that are currently underway are funded in the respective programs throughout the budget. They include: Meeting House Redevelopment Program 4.3.6, Austin Street Car Park 8.5, and Little Street Car Park 8.5.


The Information Technology Budget includes a $50,000 reduction in server hardware acquisition, following Council’s consolidation of servers utilising a virtual environment. The main focus in 2010-11 will be the implementation of a new major update to the Civica Authority system, Council’s main corporate system and investigation of Desktop Virtualisation, which has the potential to reduce individual computer costs by approximately 50%.


The Budget also includes a provisional amount for expansion of Council’s 3D Model (Simmersion) which will assist in development planning decisions and future land use planning.


Provision of $25,000 has been made for an internal audit function to be produced as required by the Department of Local Government.  A shared resource is being utilised with other NSROC Councils.


$44,168 is provided for Council’s Internal Audit program, which is a shared resource with other NSROC Councils.  In the second year of operation, NSROC will appoint a second auditor, to bring the program up to full capacity.


Organisation Development - Administration (Program 3.1)


Council has for the past 4-5 years experienced exceptionally low loss ratios for Workers Compensation, resulting in low premiums, which are essentially claims cost driven.  During 2009/10, Council’s claims experience increased significantly, resulting in an anticipated $150,000 increase in premium. Workers Compensation estimates in individual accounts will vary throughout the budget depending on the number of staff and claims experience over the past three years.


Metropool Council’s Public Liability Insurer, has expanded the range of insurance produces it provides, Councillors and Officers, Fidelity Guarantee, Personal Accident and Casual Hirers insurance are all now included with the Public Liability Premium.  Council in recent years has enjoyed low premiums due to its good claims history.  However, in relative terms, the other member Councils have improved their claims performance, given premiums include a weighting of 50% based on actual claims made and costs of the pool are relatively fixed, this has resulted in Councils premium increasing.


Council’s property insurance premium has increased from $150,000 to $178,000. This increase is not considered significant given the inclusion of the $50 million Lane Cove Market Square Development, now by far Council’s most valuable asset. Council insures property through the UIP property pool, and premiums include a weighting of 50% asset value and 50% based on actual claims made.


An amount of $30,000 has been included to complete the development of the new 10-15 year Community Strategic Plan as required by Department of Local Government. Corporate Relations also provides for staff name badges, uniforms, and the annual community satisfaction survey.


Environmental Services


Overall the Environmental Services Division is seeking to consolidate existing programme initiatives for the 2009/10 budget year.


Strategic Planning (Programme 2.1)


The Section 94 Plan Review is to be undertaken as a focus for 2010/11, to accord with the  residential and commercial growth anticipated with the new LEP 2009.  A 12-month LEP and DCP editing review are required by the Department of Planning, and a number of ad hoc special projects arise each year.


Administration (Programme 6.1)


While there may be a slight increase in development control activity, administration staff will seek to accommodate within existing resources.


Development Control (Programme 6.2)


2010/11 will see further regulatory review in the planning area.  The Development Control function will continue to focus on process efficiency. The program for development of a register for fire risk nominated buildings will see the appointment of an additional staff member. Council will include Council buildings in the fire safety review.


Environmental Health (Programme 6.3.1)


Council continues to undertake inspections for food shops on a risk based approach. 


Regulatory Services (Programme 6.4)


Council will focus on the efficient and safe movement of vehicles in the Lane Cove CBD and explore initiatives for minimising graffiti and vandalism.


Household Garbage (Programme 9.2)


Council signed its waste collection and disposal contract in 05/06 and marginal increases reflect current trends and initiatives.  Council will commence work on the 2012 Waste Contract and implement it’s waste strategy which seeks to increase diversion rates above 66% by 2014.


Human Services


Major projects that will undertaken in the next twelve months include working to improve the physical accommodation of cultural groups based on the Lane Cove Cultural Needs Study (Pegasus Report); remedial work at and ongoing monitoring of the Lane Cove Aquatic Leisure Centre and the advertising and awarding of the next tender for the Aquatic Centre and the refurbishment of the top of the Community Centre to accommodate an art and display space. All of these projects and their outcomes have been positively affected by the consultation on and recommendations of Council’s major Plans.


Funds have been made available to continue to implement the Social; Cultural and Disability Discrimination Action Plans.


Programs across the Division have been assessed against the Plans listed above and in the Sustainability Plan.


It is envisaged that Lane Cove ALIVE will also have an impact on the Division, in particular in the Cultural area, including with Public Art.


Kindy Cove Child Care Centre   (Program 4.3.2)


Kindy Cove Child Care Centre is run as a business unit of Council.  The budget is developed in close cooperation with the Management Advisory Committee.


In line with the 2004/5 decision of the Management Advisory Committee, Kindy Cove will again charge a different daily rate for children at the Centre.


The Nursery which caters for children 0-2 - rate will increase from $78.00 to $81.00 per day.

The rooms which cater for the older children – 2-5, Blue Room and Green Rooms rate will increase from $72.00 to $75.00 per day.


This differential rate reflects the different staffing requirements of the rooms –  with the Nursery ratio – 1:4 (higher than the Doc’s requirement of 1:5) and the other room ratios – 1:8 (2-3) and 1:10 (3-6).


The increase is to cover staff costs and to maintain program levels. This rate still makes the Child Care Centre one of the most affordable on the North Shore.


Funds have also been transferred from Kindy Cove reserves into the budget to facilitate the formation of a Garden Master Plan and to commence implementation of the Plan. This will be the first major overhaul of the garden for over twenty years.


Community Services   (Programs 4.3.1, 4.3.3, 4.3.4, 4.3.5, and 5.5)


These programs include provision for services to youth, the aged and disabled, cultural services and community groups generally.


The Youth Services Program continues to provide high quality services to our residents including initiatives such as Club 116 (for 11 to 16 year olds) and with the Youth Centre operating as a five day a week service from Tuesday to Saturday.


Funds in the Aged and Disability area have been augmented by grant funding from the Commonwealth Department of Human Services, - Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC). An amount of $17,000 per annum has been provided from the Department to assist Council in extending the range of services available. The initial agreement is for three years, with the Department indicating that the grant funds will be ongoing.


Funds have been included in the budget to continue a range of seniors programmes such as Seniors Week and Seniors Concerts, regular seminars and the HEART programme (Healthy Eating and Recreation Time for Seniors).  In addition the very successful community kitchen will continue to operate throughout the financial year.


Funds have been allocated for the implementation of the recommendations of the Lane Cove Cultural Needs Study (Pegasus Report)  The Division will also co-ordinate effective liaison with Centrehouse in regard to the Little Street redevelopment and assist The Meeting House though its relocation and resettling process.


In 2010/11 the Sunset in the Village series will continue – this event having grown from being just Plaza based. The Autumn Harmony Festival has also received funding for the third year. Council now has an ongoing series of festivals – Sunset in the Village; Autumn Harmony and Cameraygal.  Each Festival Programme provides community groups with the opportunity of promoting themselves and their events.


Library and Information Services  (Program 5.1)


The Library capital expenditure has predominantly been maintained at 2007/8 levels. The ongoing Library refurbishment has meant that formulating exact budgets in regards to maintenance and general operating expenses has been extremely difficult.


The 2010/2011 year will be very much a settling in year with the community and Library staff coming to know and enjoy the new areas.


The Library has already begun new and enhanced programmes – Bookchat group; author talks; expansion of the Possum Play storytelling and more Family History training and it is expected that these will continue to grow and expand.


The Library is also in the process of preparing to launch a Streets of Lane Cove Wiki to involve the community in recording the history of the Lane Cove area. A new publication under the Library’s Local Studies Publication Programme is expected to be launched in about August 2010. The new history is on the Lane Cove Bushland and Conservation Society, which has been partly funded from Council’s Financial Assistance Grant Program



Facilities  (Programs 4, 5 & 9)


Activities of this Branch are shown in programs where Council facilities appear.


The Facilities Branch works closely with the Environmental Services Division in the implementing actions arising out of the Sustainability Levy and the NSW Government Program – “Every Drop Counts”.


In 2010/2011 funds have been allocated for repair work to the slate roof at Carisbrook House Museum. 


Funds have also been included to cover structural repair costs associated with the indoor pool complex.  Funds have been allocated for the replacement of the Olympic Pool hot water generator – still the original from approximately 1964.


The current licence to manage the Aquatic Centre concludes at the end of March 2011 – the tender will be advertised at the end of 2010.  It is expected that significant time will be required to ensure that the tender meets the community’s ongoing needs.


Two other changes are reflected in the budget regarding Council Rates and Electricity Charges.


Sydney Electricity have advised that the price of electricity will increase significantly over the period of this budget. All electricity accounts for our facilities have been assessed with this in mind. Increases in the budget reflect envisaged usage at the new rates.



Open Space and Urban Services


Open Space   (Programs 5.7.1 – 5.7.6)


During 2010 – 2013 a number of capital improvements are planned for Council’s Open Space areas including parks, sporting grounds and water recreation.


Further funding has been allocated towards the upgrading and replacement of Council’s playground equipment to ensure compliance with the relevant Australian Standards. This is an on-going program that will link with the Council’s Playground Strategy.


Funding has been allocated towards the upgrading of the boat ramp and the car park at Burns Bay Reserve. This will supplement the upgrade of the beach adjacent to the ramp.


The footpath around the Greenwich peninsula will also be upgraded in this financial year.


Funds have been allocated to the golf course to undertake a Strategic Review in light of the Operational Review of the Country Club and their response.


Funding has been allocated to level Field 1 at Blackman Park and replace the cricket wicket due to damage from subsidence.


Funding has also been included as Council’s contribution towards upgrading Pottery Green and Bob Campbell Oval.


Within the Bushland budget, funds have been allocated for the Volunteer Bushcare program as well as for the regular Bushland Management Program.


The Bushland Program also has a number of continuing works that are funded by Grant allocations.


Engineering and Support Services (Program 8.1)


Depot modifications will include an upgrade of the security fencing along the Blackman Park side of the site.


Roads (Program 8.2)


The Federal Roads to Recovery Program has been extended by the Federal Government and will be utilised for improvements to improve the condition of substandard roads identified in Council’s Asset Management System.


Income from sale of plant is expected to remain consistent with last year with a nett increase in income from sale of redundant plant.


Council has requested a grant of $110,000 for 2010 - 2013for the RTA Rehabilitation of Regional Roads Program and $22,000 for the 3x3 Program to be spent on Regional Roads. An amount of $55,000 has also been provided for regular maintenance on Regional Roads.


Funding has been maintained at current levels for Heavy Patching and Council’s Rehabilitation program in order to maintain the target pavement condition index of .65 and for general maintenance of roads. 




Ancillary Works (Program 8.3)


Income from reinstatements/restorations has been maintained to reflect an expected continuance of a similar amount of work by the Council works staff. 


Funding for street lighting expenditure has been based on the latest AER indication that Energy Australia could increase their charges in this coming financial year by up to 54%.


Allowance is made for the construction of a retaining wall in the lower part of Northwood Road, adjacent to Lloyd Rees Park..


The Greenwich Road Shops are programmed for renewal of the street furniture and footpath pavement in accordance with Council’s Neighbourhood Shopping Precinct Plan. Due to its size, this will take place over two financial years


Footpaths (Program  8.4)


Funding has been maintained in an endeavour to maintain the general footpath condition.  Provision has been made for continuing upgrade works including the provision of pram ramps at numerous key locations.


Parking Areas (Program  8.5)


The transfer of responsibility for enforcement of parking to local government is assisting more effective management of the available parking stock and providing additional revenues. The installation of parking meters to St Leonards has resulted in improved management of the parking supply and has also provided additional revenues. The Birdwood Avenue Car Park and Market Square are also anticipated to provide additional revenues which will assist in offsetting their operational costs to Council.


Funding for Parking Meter maintenance has been maintained.


Funding has been provided to install an Electronic Monitoring System throughout village following positive trials over 2009/2010 period. A new electronic sign will also be installed near the entry of Rosenthal Avenue Carpark which utilises an Electronic Monitoring System to advise number of spaces available.


Bus Shelters (Program  8.6)


This program is funded under a contractual arrangement with Adshel.


Water Transport (Program  8.7)


Cleaning maintenance will be carried out as part of an ongoing agreement with Maritime NSW, who have taken over responsibility for general maintenance and upgrades/major repairs to the ferry wharves within the Lane Cove LGA (and other Council areas adjoining the harbour).


Street Sweeping (Program  9.3)


Additional funding has been provided for mechanical sweeping to reflect increasing tipping costs.


Funding has been maintained for hand sweeping to maintain Council’s current level of service





Other Garbage Expenses (Program  9.4)


The contract for servicing of litter bins has been included with the contract for domestic waste collection.  The allocation reflects the new contract rates and makes allowance for increased tipping fees.


Urban Stormwater (Program  9.5)


Funding for maintenance of stormwater has been maintained.  A program of pit upgrading is expected to reduce the frequency of blockages and this program will continue into the future as required.


The continuation of the Stormwater Levy will allow Council to fund further capital works to replace and upgrade the system as required. The study undertaken in 2008/09 has been completed.


Other Community Facilities (Program  9.7)


Provision has been maintained for two staff in the Plaza in the 2010 - 2013Budget. Funding has also been provided for upgrading works as recommended in the Lane Cove Alive program.


Sustainability Levy


This year Council continues to fastrack Sustainability initiatives utilising the 6% Sustainability Levy. Projects this year can be split into two categories new and ongoing. The new projects include:-


·     Meeting House ESD

·     Community Grants

·     Energy Meters Borrowing Program

·     Solar PV Panels

·     Woodford Bay Programs – Dinghy Racks


·      Pedestrian Access Mobility Study

·      Green House Gas Reduction Programs

·      Along with Key ongoing programs such as the Community Sustainability Workshop series


Budget Revenues


Rates Levy


The Minister for Local Government has announced the actual rate peg increase as 2.6% for 2010/11. 


General Purpose (Ordinary) Rates


It is proposed to levy two (2) Ordinary Rates in 2010 – 2013 in accordance with S.492 and S.497(a) of the Local Government Act.


i.  An Ordinary Residential Rate of 0.180152 cents in the dollar, on the Land Value of all Rateable Land categorised as Residential in accordance with S.516 of the Local Government Act, (with the exception of heritage properties which are rated on their heritage value), with a Minimum Rate of $455, to yield $12,726,697.


ii  An Ordinary Business Rate of 0.733464 cents in the dollar, on the Land Value of all Rateable Land categorised as Business in accordance with S.516 of the Local Government Act, with a Minimum Rate of $677, to yield $4,697,183.


Car Parking Special Rate


It is proposed to levy a Car Parking Special Rate on Business premises in Lane Cove (as per metes and bounds description as advertised in the North Shore Times on 13 June 1979), of 0.185057 cents in dollar with a minimum rate of $2 per assessment, to raise $136,383.


Stormwater Management Charge


It is proposed to levy a Stormwater Management Service Charge of $25.00 per Business Rated and Residential Non Strata Rated properties and $12.50 per Residential Strata rated properties to raise an estimated $274,300. The Stormwater Management Charge is not subject to S.V.A.


Domestic Waste Management (DWM) Charges


Domestic Waste Management Services are rendered by Council to all residential properties (including flats and strata’s) in the Lane Cove Municipality. DWM does not include waste services rendered to business rated properties. As provided for in the Local Government Act the “reasonable” cost of DWM is fully recoverable and is reflected in the recommended charge for Domestic Waste Management in the Management Plan.


The 2010 – 2013 Draft Budget provides for the levying of a Domestic Waste Management Charge (under S.496 of the Act) of $354 for each 80 litre MGB (or equivalent) service on all rateable and non-rateable residential properties. Additional DWM services to Owner Occupied Single Residential Dwellings is available at $5.17 per week. Charges for DWM services rendered to residential units above business premises, or extra DWM services rendered to other premises, are set out in the Schedule of Fees and Charges for 2010/11.


Total estimated revenue from Domestic Waste Management Charges is $4,632,500.


Interest Charges


Interest is to be charged on overdue Rates and DWM Charges in accordance with S.566(3) of the Act. The maximum rate of interest payable has not yet been announced by the Minister for 2010/11.


Valuation Base


Rates for 2010 – 2013 will be levied on the 1 July 2007 Base Date Valuations as issued by the Valuer General.


Fees & Charges


Based on the Reserve Bank of Australia 2010/2011 inflation is forecast  at 2.5% This has been used as a reference for any recommended increases in the Schedule of Fees and Charges for 2010/20101(which is attached to the Management Plan), for those charges which are set by Council.


S.611 Charges – Infrastructure Charges


Council is proposing to levy under S611 of the Local Government Act, on persons for the time being in possession, occupation or enjoyment of a rail, pipe, wire, pole, cable, tunnel or structure laid, erected, suspended, constructed or placed on, under or over a public place. The charges are based on the nature and extent of the benefit enjoyed by the person concerned. Council will levy a charge on AGL in respect of gas pipes occupying Council land.



Loan Borrowing


It is not proposed to raise any new loans. There are no renewal loans requiring refinancing during this period.


Salaries and Wages


Salaries and Wages include provision for staff progression through Council's revised Salary System. All other provisions are as per the Local Government (State) Award. Sick leave has been based on 50% of leave entitlement and is based on sick leave history.


Depreciation Charges


In accordance with the requirements of Australian Accounting Standard AAS27, the Draft Budget incorporates Depreciation of fixed assets. Depreciation theoretically is the consumption of these   assets over their useful life, amounts are provided each year to reflect this consumption and do not involve the movement of cash. As outlined earlier in the report, the method of valuation and the calculation of the useful life have changed significantly in relation to buildings this year, which has increased the depreciation charges.


Draft Management Plan 2010 - 2013


This years Management Plan has again been prepared in the Quadruple Bottom Line Framework (Environment, Social, Economic and Governance).


Council’s Corporate Plan establishes 6 Strategic Themes; Our Natural Environment; Our Built Environment; Our Society; Our Culture; Our Local Economy; and Our Council. These are aligned to the Quadruple Bottom Line Framework, which ensures Lane Cove is a sustainable community.


Council’s Management Plan proposes activities that support the goals of Council’s Corporate Plan, linking the two documents. Activities in the Management Plan are now also linked to all Council’s detailed issue plans and key progress indicators are included. The Plan also provides the opportunity to measure our progress by allowing for evaluation of service delivery and continuous monitoring of financial performance.


The format and contents of the Draft Management Plan comply with the requirements of the Local Government Act, 1993.   It covers the fiscal year 2010/2011 as well as for the subsequent two years, with planning emphasis placed on the first 12 months.


The financial information contained in the Management Plan is based on the Draft Budget. As such, the Draft Plan may need to be updated following the consideration of the Draft Budget.


Community Consultation


It is a statutory requirement that the Draft Management Plan, following Council’s initial consideration, be placed on public exhibition for a period of not less than twenty eight (28) days. Following this, Council must consider any public comments submitted before the Plan can be adopted.  


The public exhibition will commence on 7 May 2010 and close on 11 June 2010, with the Draft Budget and Management Plan scheduled to be placed before Council on 21 June 2010 for final adoption. Until the Management Plan is adopted, Council is unable to levy rates and charges for the fiscal year for which the plan is prepared.


Consultation Statement of Intent


The consultation is designed to provide the community with the opportunity to comment on the proposed initiatives and actions for the next three years, with a particular emphasis on the next 12 months.


The methods of consultation proposed are outlined below. The proposed exhibition will be at both the Civic Centre and the Library to final confirmation. 




Level of Participation



Form of Participation


Open / Random

Target Audience

Whole Community

Whole Community

Proposed Medium

Exhibition/ Press release/ Advertising/ enewsletter


Indicative Timing

7 May – 11 June

7 May – 11 June








1.    Council adopt for the purpose of public exhibition, the Draft Budget for the year to 30 June 2010 to 2013, Draft Management Plan for 2010 to 2013 and Draft Fees and Charges 2010/11;


2.    Council proceed to public exhibition as per the consultation strategy outlined in the report; and


3.    Following public exhibition, the Draft Management Plan, Draft Budget and Draft Fees and Charges together with any submissions received, be considered at the Council meeting to be held on 21 June 2010.







Craig Wrightson

Executive Manager

Corporate Services Division




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Ordinary Council Meeting 3 May 2010


Corporate Services Division Report No. 29






Reference:    Corporate Services Division Report No. 29

Subject:          Inquiry Into the Effects of Grafitti on Public Infrastructure    

Record No:    SU3137 - 14820/10

Author(s):       Ian  Naylor 



Executive Summary


Council has received correspondence from the NSW Legislative Assembly's Standing Committee on Public Works advising that they have commenced an inquiry into the effect of graffiti on public infrastructure and are seeking submissions.  The report recommends providing a submission to the Legislative Assembly’s Standing Committee on Public Works.




The NSW Legislative Assembly's Standing Committee on Public Works recently announced an inquiry into the effects of graffiti on public infrastructure.  The Committee advised they recognise the great burden that graffiti vandalism creates for agencies which provide public infrastructure and is interested in examining good practice regarding anti graffiti policies and practices, in particular, graffiti resistant finishes and building materials.


The terms of reference of the inquiry are:-

·     The social and economic impact of graffiti on public infrastructure;

·     Anti graffiti policies and practices to protect public infrastructure;

·     Anti graffiti practices such as mural painting programs employed by NSW state and local government agencies;

·     Graffiti resistant finishes and other building materials suitable for public infrastructure;

·     Anti graffiti approaches taken in other jurisdictions to protect public infrastructure; and

·     Other relevant issues.


Submissions for the inquiry close on 10 May 2010.




It is proposed that Council provide a submission to the inquiry with the following information.


Social and Economic Impact


Council continues to remove graffiti on public infrastructure in accordance with the service standards set out in its adopted Graffiti Policy shown attached as AT 1.  Staff estimate that the economic cost or removing graffiti for the last two years has been approximately $100,000.  During the current financial year staff and contractors have removed 1689 m2 of graffiti.  Graffiti on public infrastructure has a huge impact on the look and feel of our area, particularly in the CBD.  Over the years, Council has undertaken many projects to improve the visual amenity and atmosphere of our area and graffiti on public infrastructure causes a large social impact and limits the effectiveness of these projects. 


Anti-Graffiti Policies and Practices


Council on 1 September 2008, adopted a Graffiti Policy and Management Plan shown attached as AT 1 and AT 2.

Council for many years has had a Graffiti hotline for the reporting of graffiti in our area, this hotline is checked regularly and the messages are passed onto staff for action.  Staff and contractors enter into the Australian Graffiti Register the location and square metres of graffiti which is removed.


Anti Graffiti Practices


A number of Council’s plans and policies attempt to address the anti-social behaviour of graffiti.  The Graffiti Policy includes under the section Council’s responsibilities, the following two objectives:-


·     Open Space and Urban Services and Human Services, in association with Lane Cove Alive, will develop and communicate graffiti prevention initiatives and include an educational component in any youth services activities associated with graffiti/aerosol art projects; and


·     Council will also support educational programs which are conducted in schools based on anti-graffiti education awareness and prevention programs.


Council’s Social Plan, attempts to address the issue through education and murals.  Prevention approaches are primarily delivered through the Youth Centre. The Centre undertakes education and facilitates legal opportunities through youth art projects. The previous Social Plan's action to create a youth art mural was very successful (2006). Funds have been included in the 2010-2011 Budget to redo the pool wall with a mural.


Graffiti Resistant Finishes


Lane Cove Council has been using anti-graffiti coatings on its buildings for the past ten years, and possibly longer.  The coatings are a non-sacrificial type of protection.  These coatings either form a coating over the top paint coat or form the top coat themselves. They prevent the graffiti from adhering to the paint under them and allow it to be pressure cleaned or wiped clean with an appropriate solution.  Council does not use sacrificial type coatings as these need to be re-applied after each incident.




Council has put in place a number of mechanisms to reduce Graffitti in our local area.  This information could be beneficial to the inquiry being run by the NSW Legislative Assembly's Standing Committee on Public Works.  It is recommended that a submission be sent in terms of the information provided in this report.





That Council provide a submission to the NSW Legislative Assembly's Standing Committee on Public Works inquiry into the effect of graffiti on public infrastructure.


Craig Wrightson

Executive Manager

Corporate Services Division




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Graffiti Policy

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Graffiti Management Plan

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Ordinary Council Meeting 3 May 2010


Corporate Services Division Report No. 30






Reference:    Corporate Services Division Report No. 30

Subject:          Goods and Services Tax Certificate of Compliance    

Record No:    SU804 - 14940/10

Author(s):       Bernie Mayhew 



Executive Summary


This report recommends Council sign a GST Compliance Certificate as required by the Division of Local Government.




The due date for this year’s GST Compliance Certificate is 31 May 2010.  Accordingly, it will be necessary for Council to pass a resolution in order for the Certificate, shown attached as AT-1, to be submitted.


The Certificate confirms that: -

·     Voluntary GST has been paid by Council for the period 1 May 2009 to 30 April 2010;

·     Adequate management arrangements and internal controls were in place to enable Council to adequately account for its GST liabilities and recoup all GST input tax credits eligible to be claimed; and

·     No GST non-compliance events by Council were identified by or raised with the Australian Taxation Office.


As Council’s Responsible Accounting Officer, I Craig Wrightson confirm that Council’s obligations in relation to GST have been met for the period, and the certificate should therefore be signed.






That the Certificate of Compliance, shown attached as AT-1, for Council’s GST obligations be signed by the Mayor, one other Councillor, the General Manager, and the Responsible Accounting Officer for the period 1 May 2009 to 30 April 2010.







Craig Wrightson

Executive Manager

Corporate Services Division




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Goods and Services Tax Certificate 2010

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Ordinary Council Meeting 3 May 2010


Open Space and Urban Services Division Report No. 20






Reference:    Open Space and Urban Services Division Report No. 20

Subject:          Lane Cove Golf Course - Strategic Review    

Record No:    SU2893 - 14699/10

Author(s):       Wayne Rylands 



Executive Summary


Following on from the Operational Review of the Lane Cove Country Club by RT Hospitality, Council considered the financial implications/issues of the recommendations at the 2010 Corporate Planning Weekend.


The Country Club also responded to the RT Hospitality review with a ‘Submission for Funding’ to Council. This submission outlines the club’s current situation, vision for the club, proposed options to improve the clubhouse, and strategies and projections to improve their financial position.


RT Hospitality, Council and the Country Club all agreed that a strategic type review that would allow for a larger sporting/cultural development made sense in light of the findings of the Operational Review.


As such, it is proposed that a strategic review be undertaken of the Country Club facilities, golf course operations and nearby cultural facilities to identify opportunities to provide a more viable sporting/cultural type development than what currently exists.





In early 2009, the Lane Cove Country Club approached Council requesting an extension to the lease of the premises located at River Road Northwood. The Country Club has requested an extension to the current lease for an additional period of up to 20 years. The current lease is due to expire in 2013.


In addition to the lease extension request, the Country Club has also requested Council to provide additional funds to undertake maintenance and upgrade work to the premises. Part of the existing lease agreement had required the Country Club to undertake numerous upgrade works to the premises. At the time of this request for additional maintenance/upgrade funding, the Country Club had only undertaken a small amount of the upgrade works in accordance with the lease agreement.


To assist Council in determining a response to the Country Club on these requests, Councillors considered a staff presentation on the golf course operations at the Council’s Corporate Planning weekend in 2009. Staff detailed a number of facts relating to the Country Club and golf course operations. The main points were:-

·     The Country Club had suffered a continuing decline in membership over the past 10 years. This has resulted in a reducing income stream for Council and difficulties for the Country Club in maintaining a positive cash flow.

·     The annual membership fees for Lane Cove Country Club members are below that of other like adjoining golf clubs. Coupled with reduced membership numbers, this was resulting in the club undergoing financial strain.

·     The operating costs of maintaining Lane Cove Golf Course are approximately $600,000pa. This is similar to other like golf courses.

·     The existing Country Club lease ends in March 2013; the Golf Starter/Manager lease agreement ends in May2009; and the River Road Tennis Centre lease agreement ends in September 2015.


As a result of the investigations undertaken, staff’ were of the view that Council should consider ending all of the leases on the golf course site by September 2015, when the River Road Tennis Centre lease ends. By doing this, Council would have greater flexibility in determining the future direction of all operations at the golf course. For instance, Council could decide to have one operator running all functions of the golf course, including the Country Club and the Tennis Centre. Council could decide to proceed with a ‘business as usual’ approach, with each of the existing leasees continuing their current operations. Alternatively, at this point of time, Council could decide on a completely different business model for the golf course and all other operations.


As a result of the staff presentation, Council determined that staff should arrange for an operational review of the Country Club to be undertaken by suitably qualified consultants. This would assist them in determining the best way forward for the golf course and all other operations.





Staff sought interest from specialist consultants to review the financial operations of the Lane Cove Country Club. This action was primarily to ascertain whether the Club was financially self sustaining over the long term and whether improvements/options were available to the Country Club that would improve its profitability.


As a result of this process, RT Hospitality Solutions was engaged to undertake the operational review. In December 2009, RT Hospitality presented their findings to Council at a workshop.


In January 2010, RT Hospitality made a presentation to the Country Club Board. This was the same presentation provided to Councillors in December 2009. The presentation highlighted deficiencies of the Country Club’s operations and possible future options for improvement of their financial position and improvements to the clubhouse facility. RT Hospitality concluded:-

·     Due to a small and static membership base and a lack of utilization of the Club facility, the Club has traded poorly over the last 5 financial years and suffered trading losses;

·     These losses have depleted the club’s cashflow and have placed considerable constraints on maintaining a quality establishment and a competitive gaming installation;

·     The financial analysis conducted in Section 3 of the report highlights a number of areas in which the Club is operating significantly below many of the industry benchmarks. This provides the Board of the Club with a challenging opportunity to lift revenue and improve the operational efficiency of the Club;

·     The Board and Council need to immediately consider the options detailed in Section 6 and the recommendations within this report, as failure to do so, may impact on the ability of the Club to achieve the required cash and profit to sustain a viable business going forward; and

·     Only upon implementation of the recommendations within this report, is it envisaged that the Club will have future financial viability.


At Council’s 2010 Corporate Planning weekend, staff provided a Powerpoint presentation on the Operational Review by RT Hospitality Solutions and provided suggestions on the best way forward (based on RT Hospitality’s recommendations). RT Hospitality had suggested that prior to any capital expenditure on the Club facility, there needed to be an active membership drive and an increase in existing member visitation and utilisation of services. If this was achieved then the Option 1 - Minimalist Option modifications to the Clubhouse (staff estimate $80,000-$100,000) would be a further step forward. Upon considering the presentation, Councillors suggested that perhaps a strategic review of the Club facility and other nearby community facilities may be beneficial inititally.


The Country Club responded to Council on the RT Hospitality report and presentation of early February 2010 with a ‘Submission for Funding’, dated March 2010. This document is provided as Attachment 1. The document outlines the club’s current situation, vision for the club, proposed options to improve the clubhouse, and strategies and projections to improve their financial position. The Country Club concluded:-


Lane Cove Country Club has a solid core of enthusiastic members who use the golf course regularly, very often in rain, hail or stifling heat, conditions where the public are very often absent. The competitions are well run and the club has a reputation among the wider golfing fraternity as being one of the friendliest.


The members see themselves as custodians of a valuable community asset, which enhances the name of Lane Cove. Our interest and concern for the welfare of the golf course is well known to Council and there is excitement and anticipation at the prospect of the 17th green coming back into play.


The current members are very well aware of the history of the club and the work and sacrifice that former members made to create the golf course and build the clubhouse, at no cost to Council. They are valuable community facilities, arguably equal to any football field, cricket oval or swimming pool. The members are also aware of the history of the course and the circumstances whereby Council ended up taking over the course maintenance. This is not a repeat exercise. The introduction of poker machines into hotels in the 1990’s resulted in numerous reports and studies that predicted that small clubs like ours would struggle. The club therefore has to look at ways of supplementing our traditional income streams, and developing the clubhouse into a popular function venue is a viable alternative.


The club would like Council to assist financially, to enhance the clubhouse asset, either with Option One (Club estimate $140,000) or Option Two (Club estimate $300,000-$400,000), so that it can become a more widely used facility.


If Council would like to take a bolder step by incorporating a larger development and creating a type of Sporting and Cultural Centre, then the Club is also eager to explore these options further.


We look forward to further discussions.





Based on the Operational Review of Lane Cove Country Club Limited by RT Hospitality Solutions, the discussions and suggestions from Councillors arising from the staff presentation at the Corporate Planning Weekend 2010, and the ‘Submission for Funding’ response from the Country Club, it is proposed that staff proceed with a strategic review of the Club facility, other nearby community facilities, and the golf course.


All parties (Council, RT Hospitality, and the Country Club) have acknowledged that there is potential to provide a larger Club facility that could provide far better function capability, both for the Country Club and other community groups.








1.         Council receive and note the report.


2.         Council proceed with undertaking a strategic review of the Country Club facility, other nearby community facilities, and the golf course to identify opportunities to provide a more viable sporting/cultural type development than what currently exists.


3.         Staff report back to Council with the outcome of the strategic review.







Wayne Rylands

Executive Manager

Open Space and Urban Services Division




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Country Club - Submission of Funding

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Ordinary Council Meeting 3 May 2010


Open Space and Urban Services Division Report No. 21






Reference:    Open Space and Urban Services Division Report No. 21

Subject:          Air Quality Monitoring Stations    

Record No:    SU2185 - 15301/10

Author(s):       Wayne Rylands 



Executive Summary


Following the Council meeting of 15 March 2010, in accordance with Council’s resolution, staff undertook further investigation on retaining the air quality monitoring stations at both Hallam Avenue and Lane Cove Golf Course.


Based on the information gathered, any benefit gained from retaining the monitoring stations would be negligible from a community stance. The expert view of Dr Ray Kearney (Lane Cove resident and air quality expert) confirms that the measuring systems in the air quality monitoring stations are demonstrably flawed and will not provide any assistance for Council’s endeavours to have the Lane Cove Tunnel ventilation stacks filtered.


As a result of the investigations, it is recommended that Council advise Connector Motorways to remove the air quality monitoring stations and rehabilitate the respective sites as conditioned in the lease agreement that had been entered into between Transfield Services Australia Pty Ltd and Lane Cove Council.




At the Ordinary Council meeting of 15 March 2010, Council resolved:-




1.   Council respond to Connector Motorways indicating our willingness to receive ownership of the air quality monitoring stations at Hallam Avenue and Lane Cove Golf Course at no ‘up front’ cost.


2.   A further report be tabled to Council outlining the possible future operation of the air quality monitoring stations.


3.   A letter be sent to the State Leader of the Opposition requesting that filtration of the Lane Cove Tunnel be part of their policy platform for the next State election.


Staff have written to Barry O’Farrell, Leader of the State Opposition, requesting that filtration of the Lane Cove Tunnel be part of the Coalition policy platform for the next State election.


At the Council meeting, Dr Kearney expressed his concern about the locations of the air quality monitoring stations and the measuring systems that were being used. It was Dr Kearney’s reasoned view that the air quality monitoring stations at Hallam Avenue and Lane Cove Golf Course had been a waste of the community’s time and money, and to continue their operation would be a further waste.





Following the Council meeting, Council has undertaken further investigation and liaised with both Connector Motorways and Dr Kearney regarding the ownership and operation of the air quality monitoring stations at both Hallam Avenue and Lane Cove Golf Course.


Dr Kearney has maintained his view that continuing the monitoring of air quality from the monitoring stations at Hallam Avenue and Lane Cove Golf Course would be a waste of ratepayers funds.


Through their Chief Executive Officer, Mr Ian Hunt, Connector Motorways have also reaffirmed to Council that they will not be providing the air monitoring stations free of charge, unless Council continues the air quality data collection and reporting functions that they had served during the past 5 years.




Based on the conversations with Dr Kearney and Mr Hunt, staff see no merit in pursuing the path of acquiring the air quality monitoring stations or attempting to reuse the facilities. As a result of the information provided by Connector Motorways, it would now be prudent of Council to require them to remove the air quality monitoring stations and rehabilitate the sites as per the lease agreement below:-


5 .3 Expiration of the Licence

Upon expiration of the term of this Licence the Licensee or other assigned party must remove all Works including the concrete slab and ensure that the area on which the Works were placed is turfed with grass to the specification of the Licensor as well as any other part of the Area that has been affected by the installation and operation of the Works. At the expiration or termination of this Licence the underground power service is to be disconnected, terminated in a weatherproof junction box and a marker installed in order that it can be located at a future date.





That Council:-


1.         Write to Connector Motorways regarding the removal of the air quality monitoring stations and rehabilitation of the two sites in the Lane Cove Municipality as per the lease agreement.


2.         Thank Dr Kearney for his assistance and expert advice regarding the air quality monitoring stations and his persistent efforts in seeking the filtration of the Lane Cove Tunnel.




Wayne Rylands

Executive Manager

Open Space and Urban Services Division




There are no supporting documents for this report.


Ordinary Council Meeting 3 May 2010


Human Services Division Report No. 16






Reference:    Human Services Division Report No. 16

Subject:          Library Fitout Progress Report No 8    

Record No:    SU1459 - 15500/10

Author(s):       Jane  Gornall 



Executive Summary


This is the eighth report on the progress of the fit-out of the Lane Cove Library.  The Report updates Council and the Community as to the progress of the fit-out of the Library building.


Stage 2, the refurbishing of the original building, commenced on February 23, 2010. The refurbishing is expected to be completed by May 29, 2010. The Library will then relocate from 164 Longueville Road into the renovated area.


The main floor of the old building at 139A Longueville Road will become the Junior Library with the staff area being located on the top floor. The wall currently separating the old section and the new section of the building will be removed at the end of Stage 2 to allow for one continuous public floor. Staff are currently planning on how to make the process of combining Stage 1 and Stage 2  as smooth as possible. It is envisaged that there will be a short closure when the current dividing wall is removed by the builder. Once the wall is removed there is some additional shelving for the Junior Library to be installed and then the stock and current Junior shelving will be relocated from the current position in Stage 1 into the permanent space. 


The stack – Local History and general Library stack is currently in 164 Longueville Road – all of the stack material will be stored in the basement level of the new building at the end of Stage 2. An area has also been set aside for safe and secure storage of the Council art collection.

While Stage 2 is underway, Library staff are located at 164 Longueville Road (top of the community centre).


A celebration, marking the completion of the Library project will be held in July 2010.




Most of the work undertaken since the last Report has been focussed on underpinning of the Heritage section of the Library building and the preparation of the main floor for pouring.


As with most older buildings some unforeseen issues have arisen as the building work has progressed. The issue of the roof tiles was discussed in the last Report, with Buildcorp now providing a quotation for the replacement of the tiles and associated work including replacement of the eaves and the installation of insulation.


Within Stage 1, fine tuning continues in regard to lighting and the air-conditioning in particular.  Library staff have been hosting a series of meetings in the study rooms and meeting rooms to ensure that all aspects of the rooms are working well. Initial issues with the functioning of the lights and the air-conditioning have been addressed.


There have been a number of complaints about the level of noise in the building. There are probably two causes for this, the main one being that the Junior area is not yet completed and the childrens area is squeezed into the section closest to Longueville Road.  The other reason is that the Library is now busier than ever and that noise is concentrated near the circulation desk. The Library is designed for the noisy areas to be at the entry to the building and the quieter areas towards the Link Road and those seeking quiet are being encouraged to seek the quieter areas.


Complaints have also been received about the book return chutes. The Library has had Wharrington the manufacturer of the chutes in to replace parts that were considered faulty (24th April) and some additional reprogramming is still required. Feedback since the parts have been installed is that the chutes are easier to use. Congestion at the chutes is partly as people become used to them; partly that once the Library re-opened many items were due back at the same time and partly due to the faulty parts.  The congestion issue will also ease when the chute on Longueville Road is installed as part of Stage 2, this chute will allow people to park on Longueville Road and utilise the after hours returns.




The following figures (also in the Monthly Report) highlight the increased usage of the Library since Stage 1 opened on 26 February 2010.


Lane Cove Library lent 13,266 more items in March 2010 as compared to the same period in 2009. 18,536 or 35.2% of the Lane Cove loans were issued through the two self check loan machines. March 2010 loans are also 22.3% more than March 2007, which was prior to the relocation to temporary premises.


Compared to the rest of the Shorelink Libraries, Lane Cove and Greenwich issued 21% of all Shorelink loans in March.  This is the highest percentage Lane Cove loans have ever been – apart from during a service disruption at other Shorelink libraries.


Library Visits


In February 2010, 33,116 people visited the Library at Lane Cove.  Compared to the previous March this is an increase of 21.8%.

Junior Library Activities


Preschool Storytime


In March 2010 there were four preschool storytimes which were attended by 181 children – attendance was more than double March 2009 (4 storytimes and 76 attendance). 


The families of Lane Cove have been expressing great enthusiasm for the new spaces, particularly the Storytime room and facilities.


Possum Play (for children 6 months to 2 years)


2 sessions were held at 11.00 am on alternative Wednesdays in March. Bookings were not required - carers brought 12 babies to the first session and 10 babies to the second session.


Local Studies


194 Local Studies enquiries were received during March 2010 – this compares to 65 enquiries in March 2009, an increase of 198%.


3,190 people entered the Marjorie Barnard Local Studies Room. As well as Local Studies and Family History researchers other Library visitors are using the Room as a quiet study area.  There has been a sharp increase in researcher usage and a few of the Local Studies regulars who ceased to use the service during the temporary accommodation have returned.


Library Equipment Usage


Overall there has been an increase of 105.6% compared to the previous March. Of particular note are increases in Library equipment assistance (210%) due to the increased number of PCs and the introduction of self check machines, registrations (645.1%) and Internet usage (248.5%).


Library Room Usage for March


Library Room Usage (in hours)

Library & Council



Meeting Rooms (1&2)




Study Room




Training Rooms (1&2)










* The Meeting Rooms are opened as a large study area when not in use for other purposes.


In general the vast majority of Library users, readers, borrowers, those attending meetings or studying, are very happy with the Library and congratulate Council on the building. The Library reopened just two months ago and some teething problems are to be expected with a new building, Library staff keep a record of any concerns that borrowers raise and these are discussed with the appropriate persons, builders, furniture suppliers, and Library management.




Stage 2 works are currently on track for completion at the end of May 2010. The Library will then relocate from 164 Longueville Road into the refurbished area. 


Initial planning has begun for the official celebration of the new building.


Photographs are shown attached as AT 1 to highlight the work.





That Council receive and note this Report.







Jane  Gornall

Executive Manager - Human Services

Human Services Division




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Photos of the top floor of the main Library building

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