Inspection Committee

Committee Meeting

5 September 2009, 8:30am

All minutes are subject to confirmation at a subsequent

meeting and may be amended by resolution at that meeting.

Inspection Committee Meeting 5 September 2009






Present: Clr I Longbottom (Mayor), Clr A Smith (Deputy Mayor), Clr W Gaffney, Clr P Palmer,

Clr D Brooks-Horn, Clr S Forrest and Clr S Bennison


Apologies: Clr R Tudge


Item 1 19 Glenview Street, Greenwich


Proposal to reduce existing three flats to two and construct new building with one flat.


Councillors met on site and heard from the owner and his consultant. Questions were asked by councillors and adjoining property owners and residents. Councillors then visited the adjoining property to the north.


Mr Mason advised that legal advice has been received questioning the existing use rights of 19 Glenview Street to its claim for three flats.


Mr Mason advised he would take the matter on notice and will have a response for the Monday meeting of Council.


Item 2 34 Church Street, Greenwich


Proposal to construct a rooftop terrace.


Councillors met on site with the owners and viewed the rear of the site.


Item 3 330 Pacific Highway, Lane Cove


Proposal for S82a review of conditions 2(a)-(c) of consent.


Councillors heard from the owners and a neighbour as to their issues and concerns.


Councillors noted that even though Environmental Services Division Report No.38, item 22 of the Council Agenda (possible boundary adjustment at 32 Vista Street, Greenwich) was not scheduled for a site inspection it would be useful to undertake a drive-by to provide a context as part of their consideration. Having regard to the close proximity of the 34 Chisholm Street inspection a drive-by and kerb inspection was undertaken.


Councillors concluded the Inspection Committee.


These matters are now submitted to Council for consideration.



********* END OF MINUTES *********