Late Agenda

Ordinary Council Meeting

6 July 2009

The meeting commences at 6.30pm. If members of the public are

not interested in any business recommended to be considered in

Closed Session or there is no such business, Council will ordinarily

commence consideration of all other business at 7pm.




Reports Of Committees


2. Report Of Committees No. 3

SUBJECT: Report on Inspection Committee of 4 July 2009





Ordinary Council Meeting 6 July 2009


Report Of Committees No. 3






Reference: Report Of Committees No. 3

Subject: Report on Inspection Committee of 4 July 2009

Record No: SU2136 - 24457/09

Author(s): Wayne Rylands




Clr I Longbottom (Mayor), Clr A Smith (Deputy Mayor), Clr D Brooks-Horn, Clr S Bennison, Clr W Gaffney, Clr R Tudge, Clr P Palmer, Clr S Forrest



Clr K McIlroy


1. Open Space & Urban Services Divisional Report No. 24: Lloyd Rees Bandstand Temporary Modifications


The Mayor, Clr Longbottom, welcomed people in attendance and requested an overview from staff on the proposed temporary modifications as discussed at the Council meeting of 1 June 2009. Heritage architects, Garry Stanley and Jane Rothschild, addressed the Committee on their views to the heritage nature of the bandstand. Mr David Cant, representing the Lane Cove Concert Band, tabled a proposal for a new storage area for the band. Public Art Strategy consultant, Richard Goodwin, also addressed the Committee on his earlier involvement with Harry Howard and the bandstand project. Mr Goodwin then tabled a series of plans and artist impressions of his vision for the Lloyd Rees Bandstand with a lowered plinth, extended columns, poly-ethylene acoustic/light discs and removal of abutting storage/landscape area. The Committee indicated support for the Richard Goodwin proposal. Copies of the plans and artist impressions provided will be tabled at the Council meeting for Councillors to review.


2. Austin Street Request for a Retail Directory Sign


Councillors proceeded to the corner of Longueville Road and Austin Street to inspect a request from Mr Rouse, owner of the retail area on the southern side of Austin Street, for a retail directory sign for the businesses in this area. The Councillors viewed the area outside the retail premises, noting that all of the shops were visible from the street. Discussion was brief and no consensus was reached.


3. Open Space & Urban Services Divisional Report 23: Draft Plan of Management for Blackman Park


Councillors proceeded to Blackman Park, where they were met by the Manager-Open Space. Councillors reviewed the proposal for a board walk and viewing platform at the western end of Blackman Park. There was some other discussion and questions raised of general aspects of the Draft Plan of Management without any specific concerns being noted. The Mayor thanked the Councillors for their time and the meeting concluded at about 10.15am.




That the report of the Inspection Committee of 4 July be received and noted.


Wayne Rylands

Executive Manager

Open Space and Urban Services Division



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